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Complete loco: 97406 (40135) 97408 (40118)
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Make: Railtec
Gauge: 7mm / O
Type: Waterslide
Cost: £8.90
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Also available in: 3mm, HO, 4mm

Themes:Complete locos :: Departmental
Livery:BR Blue
Eras:BR Blue TOPS

  • Sufficient to fully detail either 97406 or 97408 in their Crewe modernisation identities.
  • Includes the Endangered Species badge applied to one end of 97408, and non-standard 40118 and 40135 numbers for the cab noses.
  • Includes non-standard LO depot allocation codes applied to 97406.
  • As is the Railtec way, the loco numbers are painstakingly traced from the originals for perfect authenticity, so that your model looks like the real thing.
  • Data panel traced from the real thing for perfect authenticity.
  • Includes OHL flashes, blue star coupling codes, white domino markers and fuel gauges.
  • ONLY AT RAILTEC: Also includes 40135 numbers that can be applied to the model and painted over to replicate the real thing, as these were quite prominent on 97406.

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